How a local agent helps Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage

How a local agent helps Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage

How can a local agent help with Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage?

Being new to Medicare and trying to figure out the cost is not as simple as we wish. If you have done some research, then you probably already know that Medicare covers 80% of covered services, and you are responsible for 20%. Twenty percent does not sound like much, but depending on your needs, it could be more than you planed. Knowing the difference between a Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plan can help you decide what your best option would be. You will want to choose one or the other, and they are quite different, so it is important to make sure which is right for you before enrolling. Having a local agent helps with the decision that is right for your personal needs. Here at The Ron Evans Agency, we want to help make your choice the best choice for your needs.

About Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements can also be referred to “Medsub” or “Medigap”. The term Medigap indicates filling in the gaps of your coverage which would be 20% that you are responsible for. Medicare Supplements plans work with your original Medicare, Parts A and B. Therefor if your doctor accepts Medicare then Medicare Supplements would be accepted as well. These plans include many options such as G, K, L, M, & N. These plans are nationwide therefor wherever you receive the Medicare supplements will you get the same coverage. If you decide that the Medicare supplement plan works best for your needs we recommend that you do a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan.

About Medicare Advantage

If you are like many you watch television and might notices commercials about Medicare beneficiaries specifically. Those commercials are obtaining to Medicare Advantage Plans. With the Medicare Advantage Plan you receive extra benefits that combined into one plan. For an example you would not have to purchase a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan. Many advertisements will tell you there is no cost, but you have to stay in network for the statement to be true. Which means if you are not in network you will need to make some type of payment.

How can my local agent help?

There is a lot to consider, such as cost, how often you travel, your choice of doctors, and other concerns you may have. If you are approaching 65, you are probably being bombarded with mail which can be overwhelming. Having a local agent assists you will give you knowledge to make the right choice. Your agent will get to know you and learn more about what matters to you with your Medicare coverage. They will go through all your coverage options and explain them to you to make sure you understand your best option. We want to make sure you start off your retirement and Medicare journey knowing you made the right decision when it comes to your insurance! Give us a call at The Ron Evans Agency (855)500-1272, and a local agent will be ready to speak with you. You can also follow us on Facebook for daily post!

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