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Ron Evans Jr, founder of The Ron Evans Agency in 2009, was born in Aniston Alabama. He had a fruitful life growing up as his father and grandfather were both successful entrepreneurs. He saw early on the power and freedom of being in business for oneself. Ron had instilled in him early on spiritual and moral values with a strong work ethic. He knew he always wanted to provide a service or product that helped others while, at the same time, feed him and his family.

By the time Ron went off to college he and his family had been residing in Georgia for a number of years. Like many of us that came of age in the 1980’s, Ron got off course. It seems so prevalent that freedom, girls, beer, and liquor to a college age guy can be quite the temptation. Ron knew deep in his heart that a college degree is a good thing but not necessarily a requirement for success.

One day while on the college campus, Ron met a professional recruiter who worked for The Southwestern Company and offered Summer jobs for students selling books door to door. Ron joined up immediately and traveled the country that summer and the 3 following summers. While working at The Southern Company, Ron learned techniques and practices to relate with people of all walks of life and successfully offer them all kinds of books in his arsenal. This process totally changed your Ron’s life direction forever. He became the sales recruiter and National Trainer for Southwestern Company. He made more money than many of his friends’ parents did. He developed his own team of sales reps and made override commissions on all of their sales. He was on a role that would catapult him into the next dimension. During his tenure with SW, he logged over 25,000 in-person meetings and developed a complete understanding of people and the different psyches they possess.

Ron has met in a business setting with thousands of people from CEO’s, Doctors, partners at hug law firms, Nobel prize winners, even a President of a small country, all the way down to sharecroppers with dirt floors. It’s easy to say that Ron is a man that can fit in anywhere and feel comfortable. This is the type of guy you want by your side in any business endeavor.

Through the years Ron sold fabricated homes, mobile homes, & copiers to name a few. And, in each industry he always jumped out front of everyone else as a top producer. Until he met his wife Wendy, the backbone and Operations Director of the Agency, Ron was missing the focus that Wendy brought to the table. Wendy helped him to realize that all the businesses he had been building were cyclical with the economy. Feast or Famine. That’s no way to live and take care of Wendy and their 4 boys. So, the Evans’ needed a recession proof business.

Ron is soon introduced to and latches onto the Insurance Business. It never has a problem with recession. People and Institutions will always need their insurance no matter what. He found that the harder he worked, the more money that he made. What made it even better is that every time his clients’ policies renewed, he got paid again and he didn’t have to resell them. All he had to do was to continue being the personable guy that he is and maintain steady, frequent contact. Once he built a book of business and had proven himself, it even got better. Ron was able to begin building his own team just like he did with the book sales. And, he made override commissions on their sales and their customers’ renewals. This was all begun in 1999 when Ron set his sights on this industry.

Today, The Ron Evans Agency is a family business. And, it’s one of the fastest growing family- owned businesses in all of South Georgia. The Evans family prides themselves on being family owned and family run. The Ron Evans Agency IS your hometown insurance broker. No matter what part of the Southeastern United States you live in, there will be a Ron Evans Agency partner or affiliate to handle ALL of your health and life insurance needs in person. In addition to Wendy running the office and bringing the organizational skills, Ron’s 2 oldest sons Ron III better known as Tripp and JR are licensed and part of the business.

Ron decided long ago his niche in which he could help the clients, train and motivate the most Agents to success would be in the Life and Health Insurance Industry. The main focus is on Medicare products to help our Seniors maximize all that they are entitled to. Today there are many TV commercials with known celebrities endorsing the products that offer these benefits. But with those companies behind those ads, a client or beneficiary won’t get that personalized in person service of a dedicated agent to help them navigate all the confusion. If you are a senior or, if you have a friend or loved one that is 65 years of age or, is deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration, get the guidance you need today. Contact us through this website or any other method you see our messages.

If you’re a licensed Agent or better yet if you see the benefit of checking this out as career, you want to make sure you have the right mentor and training. These two things are by far the most important tools you’ll need to not burn out and be successful. The Ron Evans Agency is also very adept and on the cutting edge with lead generation. Leads are the lifeblood of any business. The Ron Evans Agency does just this. By partnering with a highly specialized marketing company, The Agency has put together digital as well as traditional marketing methods and lead generation that is 2nd to none. On top of that, imagine being able to meet with someone to offer your products to and, they 9 times out of 10, don’t have to pay a dime out of their pocket. It’s knowing where and what these incentives are and how to apply them that makes the Ron Evans Agency the choice for the hungry Licensed Insurance Agent. 

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